Why the gallery?

The idea of creating this Gallery existed for a long time, but after getting to know the works of Nino Chakvetadze, it came closer than ever to realisation. Her creativity inspires us to create. Her ideas give rise to new ideas. Her message to the world is the message to oneself.

Nino’s paintings are called therapeutic art – she “heals with childhood”. The childhood, from which we all came and to which we will return. Her paintings are used by psychologists in America and Russia; we also plan to work with child psychologists to help families going through difficulties.

The Gallery plans to promote other artists – from Russia, Belarus, Latvia. But for now this is a monoproject. We are looking for funds for a suitable space and plan to organize an exhibition in the next 18 months.

We also plan to work with psychologists  and coaches to help families  and people going through difficulties.