Here you can get to know the works of Nino Chakvetadze. For convenience we have divided her work into categories.

The succession of generations

The Succession of Generations, the preciousness of relations, the participation of Grandparents in the lives of children is one of the Artist’s favourite themes. Where there is love, where there is a toddler’s interest in the past, there is a promising Future, a great Path, the beginning of which is Love. Respect. Friendship between the aging and the littlest. The value of the family, of its unity is portrayed by the artist in touching details: here a Grandmother clutches a shirt, sewed for her grandson’s Christening, and here a Grandfather firmly holds his granddaughter’s hand, they have set forth on a path, for the little one this is the beginning of the Path of Life, for him – of the Path to Eternity.

Children and animals

“You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed” – this famous A. de Saint-Exupéry quote is extremely fitting for the artist’s series “Children and their friends”. Here is a girl walking her kitten and puppy in the pouring rain, she is not comfortable but there is a confidence in her step, she must take her pets home. She is holding an umbrella over them.

Here is a boy, furrowing his brows, pulling a puppy along on a sled. He is cold but he must get his pet home as soon as possible. He is responsible for him.

Here is a little girl, rocking a tiny teddy in a cradle. She is singing him lullabies, just like her Mom sang to her. She wants to bring him up in peace and love as well. Children are our mirror images.

Here is a boy carrying a white lamb in his arms. A biblical image of a Lamb. Behind them – a round on both sides, scattered wild flowers. And there is a long journey ahead. The journey of a Lamb and God’s child in this world.

Here is a little boy sharing his last or… only sweet with a donkey. He doesn’t mind. If not him, who will give this donkey a treat?

Here is a girl stomping in puddles with a satchel. Coming back home from school. There is a light drizzle. Leaves in the air. A tiny puppy is running through the same puddles. He has tucked his tail away from the cold, lowered his ears. Will no one give me shelter? And the girl cannot take her eyes off him… Mom says bringing animals home from the street isn’t allowed… What should she do?

And over here – a symbolic panting. A boy on a hill. Night. Moon. And next to him – a puppy. And the road. The journey is mastered by walking. Especially with a friend beside you.  


The theme of Love in the artist’s work is a message about Beauty. Clarity. Purity.

This theme is depicted precisely and delicately, it is almost a brother-sister relationship – protective, gentle. Here a boy hugs a girl, like birds they sit on a branch covered in snow. His gloved hand is small, childish, but already reliable like that of a man. Here is a boy and a girl among a meadow of summer flowers. She holds a toy kitten, and he holds her hand. His gaze is childishly pure, but determined, like that of an adult. He is responsible for her.

Here is a little boy warming the hands of a little girl. Snow, it’s cold. Christmas is coming soon. The approaching holiday is hinted at by the accents of red. She took off her red mittens, and he took her hands into his own… Maybe he kissed her hand.

And here is a contrasting pair. A girl, smartly dressed, in a clean little coat and a white hat. She is holding a white balloon. Also a metaphor. And next to her is an unkempt, unwashed boy. He looks like Gavroche from Les Miserables. He is looking at the balloon… He doesn’t dare look at her.

And here are two teenagers — a boy and a girl. Near a window. We see them from the back. The purity of the relationship is conveyed through the purity of the lines in the painting, in the matching images. Their clothes and hair are styled as if they were twins. Their gaze is directed upwards. There, on the wires, sit two birds. Freedom, the thrill of the feeling. And, most importantly, they look not at each other, but in the same direction…



The theme of Music is overarching in Nino’s work. It’s the first keys and strings the Child explores. It is chamber music that hasn’t gained its full strength yet, it’s not for everyone but for a select few. It is difficult to make children perform, they choose their own audience. Those who can be TRUSTED. Here, the little violinist performs a solo to his only audience member — a puppy; and here a child with a ladle on his head and a cloak – his first stage costume – put on a concert for his grandparents. He knows they won’t laugh at him! And here a little one plays the piano. The fluttering butterflies are a metaphor for elation and Freedom. The things that Music gives to the old and the young…



Children as ANGELS. This is Nino’s favourite comparison. And, in turn, the angels are like children. Over here, one ate his fill of jam and fell asleep in the cupboard – mum’s hideaway. Here’s another one walking his pets in the pouring rain. Children, unlike us adults, are not afraid of bad weather.

And here an angel shares a tasty bite with his little brother – a bird. Here’s a little brother taking his sister home in the blizzard and snow. It’s a hard journey. But they are not alone. Above them is their Guardian Angel, also a child, he tells them the Way.

The artist’s Angel-children love flowers and they have a favourite toy – a teddy bear or a bunny. And sometimes they also need protection… Here’s one in the rain, a boy holds an umbrella over him, and here’s another one – melancholy on the porch of a snowed in house… He wants to celebrate Christmas in the warmth of a family.

Through Angels Nino touches upon the theme of the purity, almost holiness (in accordance with Janusz Korczak) of childhood.

“Respect, if not humility, before the white, translucent, immaculate, holy childhood.” (J. Korczak)

Brothers and sisters

Another section on our page is the theme of Brothers and Sisters. The protective attitude towards the younger ones, the responsibly the elder siblings have for the younger ones – these are the indisputable merits of development and upbringing touched on by the Artist. The older siblings always hug the little ones or hold their hand tight. Thus, a brother leads his sister uphill; the hill is also an important metaphor. And she in turn pulls a puppy on a leash. She also has a pet, smaller than herself, which needs taking care of.

Children in Nino’s paintings are often small adults. They are responsible for going through the course of life Together. Hand in hand.


The next section is the theme of Autumn. The artist paints any time of the year with love and attention to detail. The autumn — melancholic, sad, but it is a light sadness, anticipating a magical, mesmerising Winter…

Here are two little sisters standing in the open door. Before them is a shroud of rain, they embrace each other. With the warmth of a loved one no bad weather is scary. Here’s a brother and sister making their way home through the whirlwinds of the storm. They do not have an umbrella, they threw a jacket over their heads, the older one hugs his little sister. He would probably give her the whole jacket if she asked.

Here is a girl returning home from school. A satchel on her back. A light drizzle. She’s going home, to warmth, to Mom; a small puppy runs past her, tucking his tail and ears away from the cold… Nowhere… He is homeless. Should she give him shelter, give him love, or even dare to take him with her? What would mom say… Orange leaves are flying in the air (in Nino’s work they are almost always oak leaves, a symbol of longevity, stability), boots smacking in puddles… Should she take him or not?… The wind carries her thoughts away like the leaves.

Leaves in a fairy tale, in a game can turn into a Flying Dutchman and lift you up into the sky. Orange leaves – boats that look like clouds, on which Alice and the hatter travel to Wonderland.

Orange on blue. Children are flying, on a fascinating journey, (one boy threw a hat up into the air with delight), the name of which is the coming Christmas…

«Yellow leaves float on the water,

Do not forget them in the winter.

Birds of heaven — where are you, where?

We set forth on our way, on our way … «

These lines from the children’s poet Alexei Kondratiev illustrate one more painting. A boy with his little puppy friend lifts his face (and the other one his nose) up to the sky… There migratory birds line up into a skewed row behind their leader… We set forth on our way, on our way…


And finally, the long-awaited Christmas has arrived. The winter fairy-tale, the magic and the purity of the season are some of the artist’s favourite themes. “Softly humming a fairy-tale, winter floats by in the dusk, covering the earth, the trees and the houses like a warm blanket…” Fairy-tales are closer, more accessible to children. That is why they await winter, the Christmas tree, the Christmas mystery with such anticipation. While we keep running without a break, they can stand still in front of a snowed in window looking at the snowflakes, fall asleep under the Christmas tree, have a conversation with a little bird on a branch… Children are closer to Eternity for they have time to think, to appreciate the moment, to ponder, to believe in miracles. They still haven’t wandered far from the miraculous, so they understand the mystery better. It is likely easier for them to get a donkey to carry them through the winter forest on its soft back, to feeds birds that didn’t fly away to warmer lands with their favourite cracker, to climb the twisted branches of a tree covered in snow and cuddle there with magical owls. Unlike us, children don’t need more than little trinkets as a present, which is why the Christmas tree is always only symbolic in Nino’s paintings, and the sweets are not in abundance, just one treat is enough… Children are more focused on the specifics. The magical details. That is why the Miracle of Christmas is closer to them. Existentially white snow, not from the current or the preceding century… “covering the earth, the trees and the houses like a warm blanket…” The purity of childhood. The purity of winter. The colour white as the eternal cover of Christmas.

Spring and summer

The long-awaited Spring, after which comes Summer, the «little life» – both full of flowers, sun and marine colours, they warm the heart in the Artist’s paintings that dedicated to this bright time of the year.

Spring is the season of love and new beginnings and so, already, young lovers are carrying violets, and cornflowers in summer, to the girl next door or a classmate. TIimidly, clutching the coveted bouquet in their hands, they nervously stand at the door… But what if she doesn’t come? What if she doesn’t accept this gift that comes from the heart?

They are little artists who gathered their first bouquet in the garden, in a meadow, by the road. And here is an Artist. With a capital A. He…

Sold his paintings and shelter

And with all the money he bought a whole sea of flowers.

The children’s eyes, full of surprise, follow the strange man who drowned their house in flowers, in a million scarlet roses…

A winged swing invites one to fly «where childhood goes away to»… And the summer sky is reflected in the puddles as scattered stars. You could catch them with a net. Stars are like little fireflies that beckon and fascinate children.

And, of course, the Sea… The sea is Life on the shore of which children wait captivated. They are waiting for their first journey. They look out for the distant ships, listen to the cries of seagulls and the splashing of the tide. In one of the marine paintings there are three granddaughters and a grandmother, a noble Georgian woman in a traditional folk dress. In her hands — a branch of a flowering apple tree. Her time is coming, but theirs is only just beginning. The youngest one is pulling herself up, stands on her tiptoes. To get closer to the Sea…